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String Intensive 2018 – CURRENT STUDENTS

We are busy updating our website! The information below is from 2017. Please check back until we have the 2018 info available for current campers! -Thank You!


Students and families are expected to provide their own transportation to camp.  Students driving themselves to camp must leave their car in a VCU Parking Deck at a cost of $10/day and will not be permitted to drive their vehicle for the duration of camp.  We strongly suggest you do not bring a vehicle to camp.

Students will be staying in: Johnson Hall |  801 W. Franklin Street Richmond, VA 23220
Johnson Hall is located at the corner of Franklin and Laurel Streets.  As you travel down Franklin St.  Johnson will be on your right.

After you unload in front of the building, parents may park their car on available street parking (hourly parking restrictions are not in effect on the weekends) or at one of the VCU visitor decks.  The deck closest to Johnson is Main Street Deck: 801 W. Main Street. Parking costs: $1 for the first two hours and $2 per hour for each additional hour for a maximum rate of $10 per day. There are self-pay stations. Another alternative is the Broad St. Deck at 1111. West Broad St.


You will need to check-in TWICE – FIRST at the DORM for your room, SECOND at the Singleton Center for camp. 

You will check-in at the dorm FIRST (see below for times).   Please arrive with enough time to unpack and grab lunch (lunch options in link) before check-in and orientation at the Singleton Center.  Students must remain in their parent’s care after dorm check-in and through the orientation meeting.

For String ODYSSEY DORM Students:

10:30-11:30am:  Check-in at Johnson Hall
11:00am-12pm:  LUNCH WITH PARENTS (see link above for options around VCU)
12pm -12:15pm: Check-in/Orientation/Singleton Center (922 Park Ave)
  Make sure to bring your instrument and placement excerpt with you to Singleton!
12:15pm:           String Odyssey Orientation (parent and students, parents dismissed no later than 1pm)

For String INTENSIVE DORM Students:

12:30-1:30pm    Check-in at Johnson Hall
1:00-2:00pm      LUNCH WITH PARENTS (see link above for options around VCU)
2:00-2:30pm      Check-in at camp orientation at Singleton Center (922 Park Ave)  Make sure to bring your instrument and music with you!
2:30pm             String Intensive Orientation (parent must be present, parents dismissed no later than 3pm)


Dorm check-out will take place BEFORE the concert on Saturday. See below for an outline of Saturday’s schedule for resident campers.

10-10:45am       Resident Campers eat lunch @ Dorm (food provided) with Counselors
11:00-12:00pm  Dorm Check-out @ Johnson Hall
VCU ID and Key will need to be returned at this time.  See below regarding lost ID/Key.
Parents will be responsible for getting their child to Singleton by 12:30pm after check-out at dorm.
12:30pm           Call time ALL students @ Singleton Center
1-2:45pm          Concert @ Singleton Center
3pm                  Dismissal in lobby


Keys:                There will be a $50.00 charge for each lost residence hall room key.  Please keep your key on you at all times.
NOTE:  At dorm check-in each camper will need to supply a check written to Richmond Symphony for $50.  When you return the key at check-out at the end of the week the check will be returned to you.  If no key is returned the check will be deposited.

Linens:             Campers will need to supply their own linens.

Suggested items to bring: 2 sheets, 2 towels, 1 washcloth, blanket, and pillow.
Dorm counselor will have very limited supply of extra items.

Rooms:            Each attendee’s room contains a bed, desk, chair, dresser, and wardrobe. Toilet paper and hand soap are provided.

ID cards:          All residents will be given a VCU ID with a lanyard and badge holder on Sunday.  Resident campers are required to have their VCU ID card on them at all times.  This will allow entry into the residence hall, dining hall, and sports facilities. The VCU ID must be returned Saturday at check-out.  If the card is lost or stolen, a $25 replacement fee will be charged.

Meals:              All meals will be served at the VCU DiningCenter.  Sunday and Friday Dinner will be pizza* dinner either at the dorm or at Singleton Center.  You may want to bring some snacks to keep in your room or cash for snacks from vending etc.

                        *students with food allergies, and not able to eat pizza, should bring a packed dinner for Sunday evening.

Computer:        Do not bring a computer or tablet with you to camp.  Orchestra Project is an “un-plugged” summer camp.

Access:            Residents will not have access to computers and internet. You may bring a cell or smart phone, but it must be turned off during instructional hours or left at the dorm.

Laundry:          Coin-operated laundry facilities are available in the dormitory.  Please bring a roll of quarters and your own detergent if you plan on using the laundry facility. 

Valuables:        VCU/RSO does not assume responsibility for any lost or damaged items and therefore recommends that no valuable items (such as jewelry) be brought to camp.

RESTRICTIONS:     The following are not allowed in the residence halls:

  • No pets/animals
  • No cooking appliances (example: toaster ovens, etc.)
  • No window fans
  • No extension cords (unless it has a breaker)
  • No incense/candles (anything with an open flame)
  • No smoking or tobacco products (including e-cigarettes or vape products)
  • No alcohol
  • No weapons of any kind
  • Orchestra Project is an unplugged camp – no computer, ipad, etc. (Smart phone is Ok)

Participants are expected to comply with policies and/or staff as requested.

  • Two highly responsive security guards are on duty 24 hours each day.
  • The Head of Residence Life and at least 2 Senior Counselors live on-site as to be available for emergencies
  • One trained Residence Hall Counselor is provided for every 12 students.  (Counselors also accompany students to meals, classes and activities.)
  • Males and females are assigned to different floors of the residence hall.  Visitors of the opposite sex are not allowed in dorm rooms, only in “common areas.”
  • A housekeeping staff keeps all public areas clean, but students must clean their own rooms
  • Students found entering or exiting the residence hall after curfew will be dismissed from the program immediately.
  • For students who are taking medications, a counselor or camp director will administer medications, unless otherwise specified by parent with parent signature.  Those with severe allergies must bring two epi-pins to camp, one to keep in their own possession, and one for camp staff.

Counselors are undergraduate students at VCU. Counselors have completed a rigorous application procedure and have experience serving as resident counselors at summer camps in the past.


Download a handy packing list to make sure you haven’t left anything at home!

Roommate Requests for 2018 - Form not yet available -  Coming Soon!