String Intensive – Current Camper

String Intensive 2018 – CURRENT STUDENTS

We are busy updating our website! The information below is from 2017. Please check back until we have the 2018 info available for current campers! -Thank You!



Remember: Musicians’ individual parts must be PRINTED and LEARNED BEFORE the beginning of camp.  The goal of camp is to focus on learning music, not the notes.

QUESTIONS? To reach us before camp: or 804-788-4717 x144.  Week of camp: 804-326-4390



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    Camp Details

    The information below is also available in a downloadable PDF!

    Medical & Other Important Forms (REQUIRED)

    Orchestra Project requires FOUR ONLINE forms to be completed and submitted BEFORE orientation day from every student.  Please submit by FRIDAY, JUNE 8.  Check out the required online forms page for complete details.

    No student will be able to participate without a completed set of forms on file!  Medications are to be submitted to camp directors at orientation on June 24th  – please submit LABELED medication in zip lock bag.

    Schedule – String Intensive


    SUNDAY, June 24th Schedule - Check-in/Orientation/Reading Rehearsal

    12:30-1:30pm:  DORM ONLY Check-in for resident campers only
    (check resident camper page for complete details)
    2:00pm:  Camp registration for ALL Orchestra Intensive students at
    Singleton Center for Performing Arts on campus of VCU  (922 Park Ave. Richmond, VA 23220)
    Make sure to bring your instrument and music to orientation!
    2:30pm:  Orientation Meeting (parents need to attend) Parents are free to leave at 3pm.
    3-5pm:  Chamber & orchestra rehearsals
    5pm:  Student dismissal in Singleton Center Lobby (no carpool on Sunday)


    MONDAY — THURSDAY – String Intensive Daily Schedule

    8:45-8:55am:  Arrival
    9:00-11:00am:  Orchestra Rehearsal
    11:00-12:00pm:  Workshop
    12:00-1:00pm:  Lunch (VCU dining center or brown bag)
    1:00-2:00pm:  Sectional or Orchestra Rehearsal
    2:15-3:45pm:  Chamber Music
    3:45-5:00pm:  Recreation
    5:00pm:  Dismissal (Car Pool line behind the Singleton Center)


    FRIDAY, June 29th Schedule

    8:45-8:55am:  Arrival
    9:00-12:15pm:  Orchestra Rehearsal, Chamber Warm-up
    12:15-1pm:  Lunch (VCU dining center or brown bag), 1-1:30pm Chamber Warm-up
    1:30pm-3:15pm:  Intensive Chamber Concert (Odyssey students will attend)
    3:30pm:  Final Camp Meeting
    4:00pm-6pm:  Ice Cream Social
    6:15pm:  Dismissal (Carpool line behind Singleton Center)


    SATURDAY, June 30th Schedule

    10-10:45am:  Resident Campers eat lunch @ Dorm (food provided)
    11:00-12:00pm:  Dorm Check-out @ Brandt Hall (Parents will be responsible for getting their child to Singleton by 12:30pm after checking-out at dorm.)
    12-12:25pm: Carpool line will open for day campers (day campers need to eat lunch before they arrive)
    12:30pm:  Call time ALL students @ Singleton Center
    1-2:45pm:  Concert
    3pm: Dismissal in lobby

    What to Bring (daily)
    Instrument Extra Strings & Rosin
    Folding Music Stand (clearly marked w/ Student’s Name) Roc stop & bass stool
    Pencils Light Snack
    Music Water bottle

    Other (if needed or optional):  Daily medication (if needed), spending money for lunch, brown bag lunch, camera, etc.


    Parents, families, and friends are invited and welcome to attend both performances! These performances showcase the students’ collaborative work and musical achievement throughout the week.

    Friday, June 29th at 1:30pm:

    • String Intensive chamber ensembles will present a performance on Friday, June 29th at 1:30pm in the Recital Hall – Black Music Center (this performance will not be recorded – parents are welcome to bring a recording device). VCU Black Music Center (1015 Grove Ave. Richmond, VA 23220)


    Saturday, June 30th at 1pm:

    • A closing String Odyssey and String Intensive performance will feature the three orchestras at camp on Saturday, June 30th at 1pm in the Singleton Center for Performing Arts at VCU.  Families will be able to purchase a CD of the performance in the lobby prior to the concert.



    One 60-minute lesson is included in the String Intensive tuition.  Student’s lesson time will take place during the week and is outlined on their personalized schedule they will receive at check-in (and posted here closer to camp).  An intern will help ensure everything makes it to their lesson on time but all students will be responsible for keeping track of the time on their lesson day.

    Location for Check-in, Drop-Off, and Pick-up

    VCU Singleton Center for Performing Arts
    922 Park Ave, Richmond Virginia 23220

    Students will be accompanied by an Orchestra Project staff person when moving between buildings.

    Drop-off / Pick-up for Day Campers

    Daily carpool drop-off and pick-up will take place at the courtyard located directly behind the Singleton Center beginning on Monday.  Students may arrive to camp each day beginning at 8:45am.  Absolutely NO early drop-off.  Classes will begin promptly at 9am.  Day campers will be dismissed at 5pm –please be on time for pick-up.  A parent must sign-out their child each day.   Student drivers will be responsible for signing themselves out each day.  More details about Drop-off and pick-up will be explained at the Sunday orientation.  Parent/legal guardian must be present for orientation meeting.

    If you are interested in carpooling with another student, please locate the student information spreadsheet (emailed closer to camp) sorted by zip code.  You will be responsible for making your own carpool arrangements.

    • Limited, free street parking is available.  On Saturday & Sundays, there are no restrictions for parking in the Fan…just keep in mind that is may take you a few minutes to find a space.  Be prepared to walk a couple of blocks.
    • Parking also available 24/7 at the West Broad Parking Deck located at Broad & Harrison (1111 W. Broad St. – across from the Siegel Center).  Cost:  $1 for the first hour and $2 per hour for each additional hour for a maximum rate of $10 per day.  Credit/debit cards, RamBucks and cash are accepted.  If you need to pay with cash please use the pay stations located near the elevators.
    • Student drivers should park in the West Broad Parking Deck during the week (located at Harrison and Broad St.) – the is $10 per day.

    Participants may bring a packed lunch or purchase lunch at the VCU Shafer Court Dining Center (ALL meals are included in resident camper tuition).  The VCU Dining Center is a buffet-style state of the art gourmet facility with lots of choices.  The cost is about $11 for lunch. (Meals for resident campers is INCLUDED in their fees.)  More info on Menu Choices can be found at

    What to Wear

    Daily Clothing: Casual clothing that is appropriate for the weather expected each day.  T-shirts must reflect good taste.  Athletic shoes must be worn or brought to wear at the gym.  The VCU buildings can get quite chilly with the AC – you are advised to bring a sweater.

    Concert Dress:

    • Friday afternoon chamber concert:  camp t-shirt (students will receive at orientation) and shorts (appropriate in length or pants). 
    • Saturday afternoon orchestra concert: White tops, black bottoms & black shoes dark socks or nylons.  No open toed shoes.  (NO jeans, tee shirts, sneakers, and flip-flops).



    Recreation will take place Monday-Thursday from 3:45-5pm at the award-winning VCU Cary Street Gym. Students must wear appropriate attire to the gym which includes athletic shoes – a student wearing sandals will not be allowed to participate.  Orchestra Project counselors will oversee students while at the gym.  Participants will have an option of several different activities at the gym each day (2 of the 4 days will include a swimming option – more details on which days will be given at orientation).  To participate in activities at the gym, students must wear athletic shoes – a student wearing sandals will not be allowed to participate.  

    Resident Campers

    Complete details about check-in/out, packing list, counselors, etc. is located on the resident camper page – please read through all the information carefully!

    Important Contact Information – WEEK OF CAMP!

    If you need to reach an Orchestra Project staff member or your child during camp hours please call the OP Line at 804-326-4390.  This number will only be in use the week of camp, prior to camp please call the office phone number listed below.

    You may always email

    Please note:  if you call the office numbers you will NOT be able to reach us us.  Our staff will not have office hours the week of camp.

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    Sample Chamber Assignments/Music from 2017

    It is crucial that you come as prepared as possible on both your orchestra and chamber repertoire – we only have a week together. You must have diligently prepared your music by the time camp starts.  Please bring the music to your private teacher for extra help, fingerings, etc. Also, spend time studying the score with the recording in order to understand how your individual part fits in with the rest of the group.

    Chamber ensembles and repertoire will be outlined below when available with links to music. 

    Chamber ensembles will perform on Friday, June 29 at 1:30pm in the Black Music Center, Recital Hall.