Intensive Music

Chamber Ensemble Music

Chamber ensembles and repertoire are outlined below. Next to your name is a link to your music. Names in bold indicate the playing coach. Please write measure numbers in your part BEFORE you arrive to camp, if not there already.  Listen to recordings, and take your part to your private teacher for assistance.

Schubert Quartet #14, D 810 “Death and the Maiden” 3rd movement (score)

Makayla Clemmer, 1st violin
Lila Tadlock, 2nd violin
Katy Stenner, viola
Jeff Phelps, cello

Shostakovich – Quartet No. 3,  2nd movement (score)

Caleb Stanger, 1st violin
Tai Behel, 2nd violin
Molly Sharp, viola
John Keane, cello

Beethoven – Quartet Op. 18, No. 4, 1st movement (score)

Gaby Davenport, 1st violin
Rachel Tan, 2nd violin
Oliver Yoder, viola
Dana McComb, cello

Piazzola – Four for Tango (score)

Susy Yim, 1st violin
Miriam Skadron, 2nd violin
Jacob Stanley, viola
Win Benko, cello

Handel/Halvorsen Passacaglia for String Quartet (score)

Isaac Yoder, 1st violin
Caroline Bell, 2nd violin
Leah Assefa, viola
Jason McComb, cello

Boccherini – String Quintet in C Major, Op. 42, No.2, movement 1 Andante (score)
Marianna Wolpert, 1st violin
Willa Eisenhower, 2nd violin
Hyo-Joo Uh, viola
Mira Eisenhower, 1st cello
Samantha Orr, 2nd cello

Tchaikovsky – Quartet No. 1 in D, Op. 11, movement 3 Scherzo (score)

Peter Holden, 1st violin
Peyton LaPlume, 2nd violin
Isabel Barron, viola
Ryan Lannan, cello


Bacewicz – Quartet for 4 violins, 1st movement (score)
Adrian Pintea, 1st violin
Mina Ross, 2nd violin
Lily Walsh, 3rd violin
Rachel Dale, 4th violin
Boccherini – Quartet Op. 33, No. 6 1st movement Allegro (score)
Taylor Hansen, 1st violin
Susanna Klein, 2nd violin
Karina Miller, viola
Kayla Allen, cello
Glazunov – Novellettes “Orientale” (score)

Ross Winter, 1st violin
Kathryn Orlosky, 2nd violin
Kyle Valorose, viola
Adam Jones, cello

Hindemith – Minimax, movements 1 (Army March) & 3 (An Evening at the Danube) (no score)
Raquel Anongos, 1st violin
Tajai Shorter, 2nd violin
Jesus Bertel, also 2nd violin
Stephen Schmidt, viola
Diego Ojeda, cello
Alaysia Thomas, also cello
(mvt 1starts at the 1:30 mark, mvt 3 starts at the 9:45 mark)
Gibson – Soundings for Bass Quartet – movements I and V (score)
Zach Harter, bass I
William Davis, bass II
Kairu Mitchell, bass III
Kelly Ali, bass IV

2018 Orchestra Music/Assignments


Bernard Herrmann | Psycho (Prelude)

Wilhelm Friedemann Bach  | Sinfonia in F, movements II (Andante) and IV (Menuetto I and II)

Alexander Glazunov | Theme and Variations in G minor

Part Assignments

Click your instrument assignment for links to ALL THREE pieces.

Seating is subject to change! There will be rotation among the players during the week.

1st Violin

Gaby Davenport
Isaac Yoder
Caleb Stanger
Taylor Hanson
Kathryn Orlosky
Tai Behel
Rachel Tan
Peter Holden
Miriam Skadron
Lila Tadlock


2nd Violin

Marianna Wolpert
Willa Eisenhower
Rachel Dale
Peyton LaPlume
Makayla Clemmer
Caroline Bell
Raquel Anongos
Mina Ross
Lily Walsh

Tajai Shorter
Jesus Miguel Bertel


Isabel Barron
Kyle Valorose
Oliver Yoder
Katy Stenner
Jacob Stanley
Leah Assefa
Karina Miller


Kayla Allen
John Keane
Win Benko
Mira Eisenhauer
Samantha Orr
Adam Jones
Alaysia Thomas
Diego Ojeda


Zach Harter
Kairu Mitchell
William Davis