Each String Odyssey student will play a placement audition to determine which orchestra he/she will be part of for the week.  Placement auditions take place on the first day of camp immediately following orientation.  The audition includes a prepared excerpt and a short sight-reading excerpt. Placement audition excerpts are posted below.

Information to help prepare a great placement audition:

Students will be given a few excerpts to prepare and are asked to prepare all excerpts on their instrument, with the following exception:  If the audition music is very challenging for a student, he/she should prepare the easier excerpt to the best of their ability.  Students are asked to pay particular attention to the following four parameters by which they will be evaluated:

    • rhythm
    • intonation
    • articulation & bow technique
    • dynamics & phrasing

In order to be considered for the top ensemble (Orchestra Con Brio) a student must prepare all excerpts.  Private teachers may help in the learning process.  In addition, students will be asked to do a short sight-reading example at the audition.

A note about placement auditions: They are not intended to be an exact ranking of students.  Placement auditions assess students in general terms so that conductors may place them in sections where they can learn and be challenged, but not overwhelmed.  Students are also placed with the needs of the ensembles in mind.  If you have any questions about auditions, please contact Camp Directors at .  Learn more about our seating philosophy.

2018 Placement Audition Excerpts can be found below: