Apply online beginning early 2018!  String Intensive students are accepted via competitive audition. Auditions are accepted via private Youtube link.  Students must register as an applicant and pay the application fee before submitting their Youtube link..

Although the application deadlines for Intensive have passed please contact us if you are still interested as there may be seats left for specific instruments. Please email Hannah at Thanks!

1) Scales: Please record 2 three-octave scales (two-octave for bassists): One major and one minor scale, with bowing of your choice. 

2) Solo:  One solo/movement  demonstrating lyrical and technical style. Two selections may be recorded if they fit within the time frame. 
All-State Audition Excerpts accepted as pieces.Piano accompaniment is optional.

**Recordings should be between approximately 7 to 10 minutes in length. Auditions are evaluated on artistic maturity, technical expertise and repertoire difficulty.  The audition videos are used for admissions and for chamber music/orchestra placement, so send your best material!

Three Easy Steps for uploading a Youtube video audition  
  1. 1
    • Record using a video/audio recording device
    • State your full name. State the date.
    • State the composer and title of pieces you will play.

    **Recordings should be between approximately 7 and 12 minutes in length.
    ** If you have previously recorded videos without your name and date stated, you may use those instead.
    ** You may use several videos instead of one long one to get the requirements in. Accompaniment optional.

  2. 2
    Upload Video
    • Click the Upload link at the top of any page.
    • Click the Upload video button to browse for your audition video. Select the file you want to upload and click Open.
    • As the video file is uploading, create video Title in the following format: {Your Full Name} Orchestra Project 2018 (ex. “Jane Smith Orchestra Project 2018”)
    • Next, scroll to the Privacy section of the page. You will see the option to mark your video as “unlisted”, “public”, or “private”.Select unlisted – this will allow access only to those with whom you choose to share the link.
    • Click the Save Changes button to save your updates
  3. 3
    Submit YouTube Link

    Please email link with the  following information to

    Camper Name
    Parent Name
    YouTube Username
    YouTube Video Title Name (Full Name/Orchestra Project/2018)
    YouTube Link
    Playing Sample Material (Composers, Title)

    *Remember you must submit  application fee before your video audition may be considered.  Learn more about application details.

OR click here to read a Youtube tutorial on uploading a video.

**For technical questions creating or uploading video please contact Hannah Slater at or call 804-788-4171, ext. 145. In cases where uploading to Youtube is impossible, a dvd may be submitted.


Early Application (for lower application fee and scholarship consideration) Deadline: March 1, 2018
$20 application fee WITH audition link

Final Application Deadline: March 30, 2018
Final Application deadline and youtube audition link deadline
Application fee is $40

Notification: April 10, 2018
Students will be e-mailed a notification letter by April 13 or sooner. Students must accept or decline their invitation into String Intensive within one week of receiving the invitation.  Students not accepted into String Intensive will automatically be enrolled into String Odyssey.

Additional auditions may be accepted after March 30 for vacancies only – please email to inquire.

Students not accepted into String Intensive will automatically be enrolled into String Odyssey.