About Us

A Tale of Two Organizations and One Camp

The Orchestra Project  began officially in 2009 as a partnership between the Richmond Symphony and the Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) Music Department.  Unofficially, the partnership had been in the making for many years.  VCU Music draws heavily on Richmond Symphony Musicians for its instrumental faculty.  VCU and the Richmond Symphony had each held its own music camp for many years, when they decided to join forces and create something larger, better, and more versatile.  The idea of the Orchestra Project was to provide a training ground for young musicians at various levels, from the beginning to the advanced.  The mission was simple:  To bring about transformative growth in one week’s time through mentorship by top professionals in the field.  The Orchestra Project faculty is comprised of half VCU music faculty, half RSO musicians.  In actuality, the overlap between these two groups is so substantial, that they from one cohesive network of  teaching artists in Richmond, Virginia.